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Data Virtualization: A Strategic Requirement or an Essential Tool

Speakers: Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research

Drawing from the previous sessions of the Broad Spectrum Data Virtualization series, Philip Howard of Bloor Research will tie everything together with a look at how you can start your Data Virtualization journey by tackling some tactical projects that will provide rapid value to the business while still working towards a strategic Data Virtualization architecture. Philip will build on the lessons learned and will provide examples of tactical projects you can do to get started and demonstrate to the business the value and benefits of a Data Virtualization approach.

Join us for this webinar and learn how:

  • Data Virtualization can provide ‘quick wins’ that provide real benefits to the business.
  • How ‘temporary uses’ of Data Virtualization can be the building blocks of a strategic architecture.
  • How using Data Virtualization for prototyping can accelerate delivery with other technologies, such as ETL.


Philip Howard, Research Director, Bloor Research