Data Virtualization: From Zero to Hero

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Alexey Sidorov
Alexey Sidorov Data Management Director, Chief Evangelist Denodo
Raheel Khan
Raheel Khan Chief Business Officer Edgematics

To solve these challenges, according to Gartner "through 2022, 60% of all organizations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture". It is clear that data virtualization has become a driving force for companies to implement agile, real-time and flexible enterprise data architecture.

In this session we will look at the data integration challenges solved by data virtualization, the main use cases and examine why this technology is growing so fastly. You will learn:

  • What data virtualization really is
  • How it differs from other enterprise data integration technologies
  • Why data virtualization is finding enterprise-wide deployment inside some of the largest organizations

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