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Democratizing Big Data Using Data Virtualization

Guest Speakers and Experts from Forrester Research, Hortonworks, and Denodo Discuss Three Ways to be Successful

After attending the Strata 2015 conference, Forrester Research analyst Noel Yuhanna co-authored the report “Critical Big Data Insight From Strata 2015" Forrester Research, Inc., May 29, 2015, which stated “[Business] managers as well as data and technology professionals are all enthralled with the promise of big data [but] disillusioned with its complexity.” Big data vendors are innovating rapidly, but how are you keeping up with them? Here is your chance to hear from Noel about the four areas of innovations—real-time Hadoop, machine learning accelerated solutions, simplification and automation, and security.

As your company experiments with big data projects, do you know there are three common uses that you can successfully begin with? Hadoop pioneer Hortonworks will present concrete steps on how to get started with Hadoop for data discovery, single view, and predictive analytics.

Whatever use case you select, you cannot deliver business value if you implement your big data project in a silo. Tying in your big data with your data warehouse, CRM, and ERP applications is paramount to democratizing enterprise data and empowering business users with holistic answers. Data virtualization leader Denodo will demonstrate how you can virtually integrate your big data with other enterprise data at a fraction of the time and cost of physical ETL.

This compelling content is presented by experts with deep experience in analytics, big data, and data integration. Expect to walk away with actionable insights in 60 minutes:

  • Learn about the latest innovations in big data, and which ones should matter to you most
  • The three practical use cases for which you can use big data now
  • Examples of customers who are successfully combining Hadoop with enterprise data using data virtualization

Featured Presenters

  • Forrester: Noel Yuhanna – Principal Analyst
  • Hortonworks: Matthew Morgan – VP, Product and Alliance
  • Denodo: Ravi Shankar – Chief Marketing Officer


  • Forrester: How to keep up with the major innovations in big data – 20 min
  • Hortonworks: Top three big data use cases – 15 min
  • Denodo: Democratizing big data with data virtualization – 15 min
  • Q&A – 10 min