Denodo as the Core Pillar of your API Strategy

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Alberto Pan
Alberto Pan Executive VP & CTO Denodo

Most people associate data virtualization with BI and analytics. However, one of the core ideas behind data virtualization is the decoupling of the consumption method from the data model. Why should the need for data requests in JSON over HTTP require extra development? Denodo provides immediate access to its datasets via REST, OData 4, GeoJSON and other protocols, with no coding involved. Easy to scale, cloud friendly and ready to integrate with API management tools, Denodo can be the perfect tool to fulfill your API strategy!

Attend this session to learn:

  • What’s the role of Denodo in an API strategy
  • Integration between Denodo and other elements of the API stack, like API management tools
  • How easy it is to access Denodo as a RESTful endpoint
  • Advanced options of Denodo web services: OAuth, OpenAPI, geographical capabilities, etc.


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