Nagaraj Vijapurkar
Nagaraj Vijapurkar Nagaraj Vijapurkar, CIT Group
Alberto Pan
Alberto Pan Executive VP & CTO, Denodo
Rakesh Verma
Rakesh Verma Global Practice Head & Cloud Ecosystem Owner - Data Analytics and AI
Itai Weiss
Itai Weiss Solution Architect, Mainline


A discussion on the theme of how in-memory fabric redefines analytics architectures from our experts panel at Denodo DataFest 2017.

The panel: 

  • Nagaraj Vijapurkar, Data Virtualization Lead, CIT Group.
  • Alberto Pan, Chief Technology Officer, Denodo.
  • Rakesh Verma, Practice Head, Data Integration, Analytics, Wipro.
  • Itai Weiss, Solution Architect, Mainline.

The panel was moderated by Saptarshi Sengupta, Product Marketing Leader, Denodo.