Denodo DataFest 2017 Panel: Logical Data Warehouse as the Future in Data Warehousing

Panel discussion by: Timm Grosser, BARC Research; Kishan Shri, Advisor Business Intelligence, Erasmus University Medical Center; Schoeman Loubser, Information Architect, GetSmarter; Sebastien Fabri, Data Analyst, Looker; Andreas Schuldt, Director Business Analytics Services Europe, HCL.

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Timm Grosser
Timm Grosser Senior Analyst Data & Analytics BARC
Kishan Shri
Kishan Shri Advisor Business Intelligence, Erasmus MC-Netherlands
Schoeman Loubser
Schoeman Loubser Information Architect, GetSmarter GetSmarter
Sebastien Fabri
Sebastien Fabri Alliances Sales Engineer
Andreas Schuldt
Andreas Schuldt Director Business Analytics Services Europe

A discussion on the theme of logical data warehouse as the future in data warehousing from our experts panel at Denodo DataFest 2017.

The panel:

  • Timm Grosser, BARC Research.
  • Kishan Shri, Advisor Business Intelligence, Erasmus University Medical Center.
  • Schoeman Loubser, Information Architect, GetSmarter.
  • Sebastien Fabri, Data Analyst, Looker.
  • Andreas Schuldt, Director Business Analytics Services Europe, HCL.

The panel was moderated by Ravi Shankar, CMO, Denodo.

Visit the Denodo DataFest 2017 to watch all the sessions on-demand.

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