Designing Fast Data Architecture for Big Data using Logical Data Warehouse and Data Lakes

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Companies such as Autodesk are fast replacing the once-true- and-tried physical data warehouses with logical data warehouses/ data lakes. Why? Because they are able to accomplish the same results in 1/6 th of the time and with 1/4 th of the resources.

In this webinar, Autodesk’s Platform Lead, Kurt Jackson,, will describe how they designed a modern fast data architecture as a single unified logical data warehouse/ data lake using data virtualization and contemporary big data analytics like Spark.

Logical data warehouse / data lake is a virtual abstraction layer over the physical data warehouse, big data repositories, cloud, and other enterprise applications. It unifies both structured and unstructured data in real-time to power analytical and operational use cases.

Attend and Learn:

  • Why logical data warehouse/ data lakes are the bedrock of modern data architecture
  • How you can build a logical data warehouse using data virtualization
  • How to create a single, unified enterprise-wide access and governance point for any data used within the company

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