Enable a Logical Data Fabric with a Modern Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse

Denodo partner presentation by Brian Bulkowski, Chief Technology Officer at Yellowbric.

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Brian Bulkowski
Brian Bulkowski Chief Technology Officer, Yellowbrick YELLOWBRICK DATA

Data fabrics enable rapid adoption of new data sources, formats, volumes, and analytics technologies. Enterprises are migrating to the cloud for its elasticity and flexible data access and need their data fabrics and data warehouses to ease this evolution. Historically though data warehouses have been located on-premises and lacked the ability to meet growing data demands. However, a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse, with its agility, data awareness, data access capabilities, and business continuity offerings, simplifies and accelerates the adoption of cloud. The combination of a cloud-ready data fabric and a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse help drive a more efficient modernization of your data environment.

This session will cover:

  • The benefits of migrating analytical workloads from on-premises to hybrid cloud data warehouse
  • Five key considerations as you migrate your data warehouse to the cloud
  • Successful use cases about customers who use logical data fabric and hybrid cloud data warehouse

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