Enabling a Big Data Fabric through Real-time, Agile, and IoT Aware Data Services

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Clinton Cohagan
Clinton Cohagan Chief Enterprise Data Architect, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Streaming real-time data from Internet of Things holds new promise. Businesses require assessing performance of machines / processes and adjusting on-the-fly to ensure optimal performance. But to make sense of the streaming data, it needs to be combined with the information about the part, machine, owner, location, etc., which are stored in other enterprise systems. Big data fabric combines the streaming data with related enterprise data to deliver holistic information.

In this presentation, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s Chief Enterprise Information Architect, Clinton Cohagan will explain:

  • An overview of data virtualization’s evolution from federation to big data fabric.
  • How ETL differs and can be merged with data virtualization.
  • How streaming data is valuable in today’s fast-paced work environment.
  • Why you need to upgrade your data architecture to include big data fabric.
  • Technical capabilities needed in big data fabric to integrate IoT data now and in the future.

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