Enabling a Bimodal IT Framework for Advanced Analytics with Data Virtualization

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Paul Fearon
Paul Fearon Senior Solutions Consultant Denodo

Being able to maintain a well managed and curated Data Warehouse, along with keeping up with all of the demands of a very sophisticated consumer group can be a challenge. The new user wants access to data, they want to experiment, fail fast and if they do find usable insights/algorithms they want them productionized. This puts pressure on an IT organization and pushes them closer to a Bimodal operation where the regular IT processes that are highly curated, well defined and managed contrast sharply with the demands of the more sophisticated user.

In the recently published TDWI Best Practices Report ,“Data Management for Advanced Analytics”, Philip Russom, DM for Advanced Analytics some of these newer requirements for the more sophisticated user are discussed in some length. How can IT support traditional demands around traditional BI and Reporting, whilst enabling the business with more demand for data and Advanced Analytics in mind?

Attend and learn:

  • How data virtualization enables this Bi-Modal approach to Data Management.
  • How data virtualization enables compelling use cases for data management and advanced analytics
  • How we can achieve this important balance with process and technology.

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