Enabling Digital Transformation: API Ecosystems and Data Virtualization (Chinese)

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Stanley Zhang
Stanley Zhang Senior Sales Engineer Denodo

Digital transformation is on top of every decision maker's strategic initiative list. And at the heart of any digital transformation, no matter the industry or the size of the company, there is an application programming interface (API) strategy. Building an APIs can be challenging as the developer will have to understand the intricacies of connecting and querying the data source and also master the target syntax. This is extremely time consuming and involves a lot of configuration tasks. With Denodo data virtualization, the work of connecting heterogeneous data sources and combining their results is handled by the platform. Data virtualization brings a level of standardization and ease of use while accessing internal and web based APIs.

Join our webinar at 2pm on July 14th to learn how other companies are leveraging data virtualization to enable real-time data integration, gain deeper insight and analysis, as well as speed up time to market without extensive coding and without needing to move or warehouse the new consolidated data.

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