Gaining an enterprise view of the data across different independent lines of businesses is difficult when the operations, systems, and data are inherently siloed. VSP Global is a conglomerate operating different businesses across eyewear insurance, manufacturing, and retail. They are integrating the silos using a semantic data layer.

In this presentation, the Enterprise Data Architect at VSP Global, Tim Fredricks will present:

  • The challenges associated with data siloed across different LOBs
  • How to build a semantic data layer using data virtualization
  • Centralizing business rules in the data virtualization layer

This session also includes a panel discussion with:

  • Tim Fredricks, Enterprise Data Architect at VSP Global 
  • Rick Hart, Director of Global Technology Solutions at BioStorage Technologies 
  • Jeff Veis, VP Big Data Platform Marketing at HPE 
  • Mike Litzkow, Sales Director at Denodo (as moderator)

This session is part of the Denodo DataFest event. You can also access other Denodo DataFest sessions here.