Accelerating Hybrid Cloud Journey, Harnessing Cloud Best Practices, and Simplifying Data Management in the Cloud

Cloud Marketplaces and Data Management

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In this part of Experts Roundtable Series, watch cloud service providers, systems integrators, and customer organizations discuss their insights into Cloud Marketplaces and Data Management, based on the statistics published from Denodo’s 2020 Global Cloud Survey.


Gerhard Lennox

Gerhard Lennox
Sr. Director, Data Systems

Dr. Norman Bernhardt

Dr. Norman Bernhardt
Head of Digital Solutions

Francois Zimmermann

Francois Zimmermann

Mitesh Shah

Mitesh Shah
Sr. Cloud Product Manager


Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Get your answers to:

  • When choosing a cloud based solution, why do you think that cost implications have become so important? What other factors play a role in decision making?
  • Is it worthwhile to plan a Hybrid cloud deployment strategy right off the bat? When does multi-cloud and private cloud make sense?
  • What top approaches do you see around managing and integrating data in the cloud? When would you pick one over the other?
  • How do you see Cloud Marketplaces influencing the overall landscape around self-service and procurement in the cloud?

Filled with insights and audience interaction, this roundtable will provide best practices that you can implement right away!

Roundtable Format

Listen to this highly interactive discussion filled with stats and insights!

  • 5 min - Panelists Introduction
  • 10 min - Question 1
  • 10 min - Question 2
  • 10 min - Question 3
  • 10 min - Question 4
  • 10 min - Audience Q&A

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