Fireside Chat: Governed and Secure Self-service to Leverage Strategic Data Assets (US)

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Ravi Shankar
Ravi Shankar Sr. VP & CMO Denodo
Scott Hedrick
Scott Hedrick Director of Product Marketing Denodo

Presented at Fima Virtual Event (US)

Financial service organizations across the world are striving to better put their data assets to work, but are faced with challenges in making real-time data securely available efficiently and quickly. Many organizations are struggling to find the best way to provide self-service to a single source of truth to all business users without having to move and make multiple copies of the data. Enterprise data management to make financial and customer data widely available for insights and data services while keeping it secure and compliant with regulatory requirements is hard using traditional approaches.

Join us for a conversation about how a modern data virtualization platform provides solutions:

  • Lower data delivery costs while building the foundation to better leverage data as a strategic asset across your organization
  • Deploy a catalog of trusted, governed & secure data assets without ETL or data consolidation
  • Abstract cloud migrations from business teams to ensure smooth transitions
  • Speed the creation of new real-time data-driven banking services

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