How Do You Accelerate the Path From Data to Value for Your Business?

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Katrina Briedis
Katrina Briedis Principal Product Marketing Manager Denodo
Kirill Petropavlov
Kirill Petropavlov VP-Technology, Data and Innovation Deutsche Bank
Wence Wenslao
Wence Wenslao Digital Hub Lead Unilever, Philippines
Ragbir Singh
Ragbir Singh Regional CIO, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting Wipro

As more businesses shift towards a data-driven culture, it has never been more crucial to improve data management, integration and delivery strategies to provide enterprise intelligence at speed. Having a modern data architecture and approach that allows an organization to be agile and adaptive is key. As we democratize data and make it more accessible, we also need to be smarter about how we deliver data to the data consumers and how it is secured and governed.

Tune in to this session as our panel speakers from Deutsche Bank, Unilever and Denodo discuss an alternative method for data delivery that is logical and modern for business. The possibilities are endless with a logical approach to save time, money and deliver faster results for your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the key challenges of data management, integration and delivery
  • Learn about alternative methods for modernizing your data architecture
  • Discover the significant benefits that can be gained by taking a logical approach

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