How Financial Institutions Are Leveraging Data Virtualization to Overcome their Business Challenges (EMEA)

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Aly Wane Diene
Aly Wane Diene Senior Solution Consultant Denodo
Alain Kunnen
Alain Kunnen Chairman & Associate Satisco Group
Vincent Boucheron
Vincent Boucheron Data Influencer & Managing Partner DIAMS

Financial institutions need to implement new strategies and services that will drive them securely to their digital objectives over their entire infrastructure.

  • How to securely move legacy systems and data to new technologies such as the Big Data and Cloud?
  • How to break down silos and ensure a global, centralized, secure and agile access to meaningful data?
  • How to facilitate data sharing while applying strict and coherent governance and security rules?
  • How to avoid downtime and to guarantee the success of IT initiaves while optimizing costs and resources?
  • How to produce and to maintain efficient reports and financial aggregations for the holdings and CxO managers?

We are pleased to invite you to this online session to discover how data virtualization can answer these questions and contribute to the digital transformation of financial institutions.


This virtual event will be organized in two parts. First, we will conduct a conference focusing on the impact of digital transformation in the financial sector, in addition to the general concepts of Data Virtualization and how it has supported the new business goals of financial companies in terms of IT modernization, risk management, governance and security. Then, we will conduct will conduct a hands-on session with a guided live demo to help you discover the main features and benefits of Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization. 

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