How a Logical Data Fabric and an Active Data Catalog Enable Successful Self-Service Initiatives

Denodo presentation by Alberto Pan, CTO at Denodo.

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Alberto Pan
Alberto Pan Executive VP & CTO Denodo

Almost 65% of self-service initiatives are ranked by their users as average or lower, citing that "it requires more training than expected" and that "it can create informational chaos". A Data Fabric based on Data virtualization can go a long way towards solving those problems and providing a ‘Data Marketplace’, where citizen analysts and data scientists can securely "shop" for data across all the data assets in the enterprise. In this session we will show how to:

  • Use Data Virtualization to reduce up to 80% the time required to deliver data to the business, adapted to the needs of each user.
  • Apply consistent security and governance policies across the self-service data delivery process.
  • Use an active Data Catalog linked to the data delivery infrastructure to seamlessly implement the concept of 'Data Marketplace'.

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