THE INDUSTRY'S FIRST VIRTUAL EVENT IN ROMANIA - Why Data Virtualization is a Game Changer in Data Management

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Rick van der Lans
Rick van der Lans Independent Industry Analyst R20
Calin Lupsan
Calin Lupsan Founder & CEO Intelligence
Alberto Pan
Alberto Pan Executive VP & CTO Denodo

You will often hear that "data is the new gold". In this context, data management is one of the areas that has received more attention by the software community in recent years. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to new ways to store and process data, the landscape for data management is in constant evolution. From the privileged perspective of an enterprise middleware platform, our experts have the advantage of seeing many of these changes happen.

For the first time in Romania, we are bringing together visionary leaders and technical experts for a unique virtual seminar to discuss and help redefine how data is reshaping the modern enterprise and driving digital business. Our guest speakers will share their stories, their business needs and challenges, the solutions explored and finally, the benefits they gained from choosing data virtualization.

Join us at this exclusive invite-only event to explore:

  • The most interesting trends in data management.
  • Our predictions on how those trends will change the data management world.
  • How these trends are shaping the future of data virtualization.

Senior IT and business practitioners as well as leaders responsible for driving innovation with cloud and data can't afford to miss this informative event.

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