Key Insight on Becoming a Data-Drive Enterprise in Middle East

Data as Foundation of a True Data- Driven Transformation, Digitalization and Company Digital Success

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Alexey Sidorov
Alexey Sidorov Data Management Director, Chief Evangelist Denodo
Ali Rebaie
Ali Rebaie President, Data Anthropologist at Rebaie Analytics Group

Presented at Virtual Executive Boardroom: Key insights on Becoming a Data-Driven Enterprise DigiConnect (UAE)

Data-driven transformation is on the agenda of almost every company in GCC region and data is the foundation of this transformation. It is not a trend, but a fact that nowadays, most large enterprise companies need data and analytics for driving operational excellence, fostering better customer relations, and gaining competitive advantage. Furthermore, emerging technologies and insights will take the organization a step further either by setting up its strategy or coming up with new and innovative business models.

Data availability and quality are crucial to drive data-driven transformation and digital success, making it an important economic asset for the business. However, many organizations still do not place enough importance on the need for a solid data strategy, which is what differentiates the “best-in-class” from the “laggards”. Moreover, data virtualization has been identified as one of the most promising data integration approaches for providing a unified view of data distributed across different systems to complete this “big” step for the organization.

What should my data and analytics strategy look like and what are the key insight to support this data-driven transformation are most common questions that data leaders want to find answer to nowadays.

Watch the recording of this session, that we host to discuss with C-Levels and Senior Data Managers from the most relevant companies in GCC region, to:

  • Learn what is the scope of an effective data driven strategy and who is affected by it
  • Discover what approaches are companies taking and what benefits have been achieved so far. Find out how to create added value from your data.
  • Understand which conceptual, architectural and technological approaches can support your company to solve business-related, technical and organizational challenges.

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