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Leveraging Big Data in Your Enterprise with Data Virtualization (EMEA)

Over the last couple of years, Big Data has been big news. If you read the press, it seems that everyone is using Big Data – either that or they are getting left behind. However, the Big Data products, such as Hadoop, are not for the faint-hearted! They introduce new technologies, new data models, and new non-standard APIs into your data infrastructure. This runs the risk of creating more data silos, integration problems, and data governance nightmares. Data Virtualization can eliminate these risks and allow all users to leverage your Big Data assets.

Attend & Get Unique Insights into:

  • Typical Big Data use cases.
  • How Data Virtualization integrates Big Data into your existing data infrastructure.
  • How Data Virtualization increases effectiveness and penetration of Big Data initiatives by enabling non-technical users to access Big Data result sets.
  • Case studies that demonstrate how Data Virtualization has helped companies tackle their Big Data challenges.


Role: Architect
Solution: Big Data