Logical Architecture for Advanced Analytics (ASEAN)

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Chris Day
Chris Day Director, APAC Sales Engineering Denodo

Growing Data: Crafting a Data Infrastructure that is Agile and Scalable

Data grows in volume and complexity. It is thus essential for data infrastructure to accommodate this growth to support data initiatives. This panel will discuss:

  • What Data Scientists consider as a decent, future-proof architecture
  • New ways to collect and store data that address concerns over scalability, costs, and network capacity
  • How best to optimize data with data virtualization and automated data tiering and compression
  • New techniques and tools that ease Data Scientists’ workload on data preparation 
  • Why a proper data infrastructure is crucial for companies looking to partner, merge, and acquire other companies for rapid growth

Denodo Sharing: Logical Architecture for Advanced Analytics

In this session you will learn what data virtualization is and how it can:

  • Provide all of the enterprise data, in real-time, and without replication
  • Create a logical data lake for advanced analytics programs
  • Solve the data pipeline problem and save time for data scientists

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