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Logical Data Warehouse Customer Success Stories

Speakers: Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management, Denodo

Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management at Denodo, uses Autodesk as an example of a logical data warehouse customer success story. 

Autodesk is an American multinational software corporation that makes software for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, and entertainment industries. To overcome various business and technology challenges and change their licensing model from conventional perpetual license to a subscription-based license, Autodesk implemented a logical data warehouse.

Paul Moxon, describes Autodesk’s case by reviewing the architecture that made the desired changes possible and explains how data virtualization fits into their existing infrastructure and delivers  information to the data consumers.

This video is part of the Denodo Educational Seminar (recorded in New York on June 2016).

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Paul Moxon, Head of Product Management, Denodo