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Make Money With Data Virtualization

Ideas, Opportunities and Tools for Data Strategy Consultants and Systems Integrators to Build a Successful Data Virtualization Practice that Delivers Success to Your Clients.

This webinar will expose the opportunities and implementation patterns for data virtualization, the consulting and service offerings most needed today, and the tools to build your practice quickly and efficiently. It is brought to you by Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, distilled from the success of our system integration partners.

Speakers & Titles

  • Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President, Denodo.
  • Annette Cini, Global Channel Marketing Manager, Denodo.

Attend and Learn

  • Key trends in data virtualization adoption and use cases.
  • Service offerings needed by clients in 3 phases:
    • Strategy - including role of data virtualization in CDO, reference architecture, roadmap, POC and selection.
    • Expanding use through data virtualization Center of Excellence (CoE), training in best practices.
    • Implementation and augmentation services.
  • Tools & tips for building a data virtualization consulting practice.
  • Becoming a Denodo Partner.