Maximizing Oil and Gas (Data) Asset Utilization with a Logical Data Fabric (ASEAN)

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Quinn Lewis
Quinn Lewis Consulting Director Denodo

It is no news that Oil and Gas companies are constantly faced with immense pressure to stay competitive, especially in the current climate while striving towards becoming data-driven at the heart of the process to scale and gain greater operational efficiencies across the organization.

Hence, the need for a logical data layer to help Oil and Gas businesses move towards a unified secure and governed environment to optimize the potential of data assets across the enterprise efficiently and deliver real-time insights.

Tune in to this on-demand webinar where you will:

  • Discover the role of data fabrics and Industry 4.0 in enabling smart fields
  • Understand how to connect data assets and the associated value chain to high impact domain areas
  • See examples of organizations accelerating time-to-value and reducing NPT
  • Learn best practices for handling real-time/streaming/IoT data for analytical and operational use cases

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