Modernising Data Architecture for Data Driven Insights (Chinese)

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Michael Liu
Michael Liu Denodo 大中华区解决方案架构师 Denodo

In an era increasingly dominated by advancements in cloud computing, AI and advanced analytics, it may come as a shock that many organizations still rely on data architectures built before the turn of the century. But, that scenario is rapidly changing with the increasing adoption of real-time data virtualization - A paradigm shift in the approach that organisations take towards accessing, integrating, and provisioning data required to meet business goals.

As data analytics and data-driven intelligence takes center stage in today’s digital economy, logical data integration across the widest variety of data sources, with proper security and governance structure in place has become mission critical.

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  • How you can meet the challenges of delivering data insights with data virtualization
  • Why Data Virtualization is increasingly find enterprise-wide adoption
  • How customers are reducing costs and delivering faster insight

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