Modernizing Data Architectures for a Digital Age Using Data Virtualization

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Rick van der Lans
Rick van der Lans Independent Industry Analyst R20
Paul Moxon
Paul Moxon SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist Denodo

Success or failure in the digital age will be determined by how effectively organizations manage their data. The speed, diversity and volume of data present today can overwhelm older data architectures, leaving business leaders lacking the insight and operational agility needed to respond to market opportunity or competitive challenges.

With the pace of today’s business, modernization of a data architecture must be seamless, and ideally, build on existing capabilities. This webinar explores how data virtualization can help provide a seamless evolution to the capabilities of an existing data architecture without business disruption.

You will discover:

-How to modernize your data architectures without disturbing the existing analytical workload

-How to extend your data architecture to more quickly exploit existing, and new sources of data

-How to enable your data architecture to present more low latency data

Join this webinar and learn how data virtualization can be an essential part of your modernization strategy, and future-proof your data architecture to more easily support cloud, data science, self-service BI, and other initiatives that will ensure your organization’s success in the digital age.

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