Modernizing Data Management with a Logical Data Fabric (US)

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December 03
1:00 PM EDT
Inessa Gerber
Inessa Gerber Director of Product Management Denodo


The Data Management world is not standing still, it is constantly evolving as new technologies and new requirements emerge. Some Data Management products play a catch-up game, others lead the way with modern integration. Is your product a leader? Or is it time to expand the horizons and enrich your enterprise ecosystem? Are you ready to learn about Logical Data Fabric, and how it can enable your business to grow while cutting integration costs? Would you like to learn how you can enable your BI and Analytics tools to get unified centralized data access?

Join our session where we will talk about Data Virtualization and the Logical Data Fabric. Get access to your data in real-time, in a governed and secure fashion. Empower your Analysts, Data Scientists, and Data Stewards with real-time unified data access. Let's expand our horizons beyond the traditional integration. Let's discover modern Data Management and move into the future together.

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