Modernizing Integration with Data Virtualization

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Tom LaSalle
Tom LaSalle Sales Director Denodo
Michael Mappes
Michael Mappes Senior Strategic Data Management Consultant Fusion Alliance
Sajid Patel
Sajid Patel Vice-President of Data (Information Management) Practice Fusion Alliance

Today, businesses have more data and data types combined with more complex ecosystems than they have ever had before. Examples include on-premise data marts, data warehouses, data lakes, applications, spreadsheets, IoT data, sensor data, unstructured, etc. combined with cloud data ecosystems like Snowflake, Big Query, Azure Synapse, Amazon S3, Redshift, Databricks, SaaS apps, such as Salesforce, Oracle, Service Now, Workday, and on and on.

Data, Analytics, Data Science and Architecture teams are struggling to provide the business users with the right data as quickly and efficiently as possible to quickly enable Analytics, Dashboards, BI, Reports, etc. Unfortunately, many enterprises seek to meet this pressing need by utilizing antiquated and legacy 40+ year-old approaches. There is a better way. Proven by thousands of other companies.

As Forrester so astutely reported in their recent Total Economic Impact Study, companies who employed Data Virtualization reported a “65% decrease in data delivery times over ETL” and an “83% reduction in time to new revenue.”

Join us for this very educational webinar to learn firsthand from Denodo Technologies and Fusion Alliance how:

  • Data Virtualization helps your company save time and money by eliminating superfluous ETL pipelines and data replication.
  • Data Virtualization can become the cornerstone of your modern data approach to deliver data faster and more efficiently than old legacy approaches at enterprise scale.
  • How quickly and easily, Data Virtualization can scale, even in the most complex environments, to create a universal abstraction semantic model(s) for all of your cloud, on premise, structured, unstructured and hybrid data
  • Data Mesh and Data Fabric architecture patterns for maximum reuse
  • Other customers have used, and are using, Data Virtualization to tackle their toughest data integration and data delivery challenges
  • Fusion Alliance can help you define a data strategy tailored to your organization’s needs and requirements, and how they can help you achieve success and enable your business with self-service capabilities

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