Multi-Cloud Data Integration with Data Virtualization

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Paul Moxon
Paul Moxon SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist Denodo

"By 2020, over 90% of Enterprises Will Use Multiple Cloud Services and Platforms" - IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2018 Predictions

More and more organization are adopting multi-cloud strategies to provide greater flexibility, cost savings, and performance optimization. Even when organizations commit to a single cloud provider, they often have data and applications spread across different cloud regions to support different business units or geographies. The result of this is a high distributed infrastructure that makes finding and accessing the data needed for reporting and analytics even more challenging.

Data virtualization provides a data discovery and access layer that allows data users across the organization access the data that they need for their work - irrespective of whether the data is in a data center or in the cloud - any cloud! The Denodo Platform Multi-Location Architecture provides quick and easy  managed access to data while still providing local control to the 'data owners' and complying with local privacy and data protection regulations (think GDPR and CCPA!).

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The challenges facing organizations as they adopt multi-cloud data strategies
  • How the Denodo Platform provides a managed data access layer across the organization
  • The different multi-location architectures that can maximize local control over data while still making it readily available
  • How organizations have benefited from using the Denodo Platform as a multi-cloud data access layer

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