Myth Busters: I Access My Data Through APIs–Data Virtualization Can't Do This (Australia)

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Sushant Kumar
Sushant Kumar Product Marketing Manager Denodo
Katrina Briedis
Katrina Briedis Principal Product Marketing Manager Denodo

When you hear data virtualization, do you think BI and analytics? If so, you’re misinformed and missing out on a whole set of possibilities and capabilities of this technology. It is probably also why you think data virtualization is of no use to you if you need to access your data through APIs.

This is why we’re back with another Lunch & Learn where we bust this myth!

We’re going to enter the world, or ecosystem, of APIs and API-based architectures to investigate whether data virtualization plays a role in it. Maybe we’ll even learn that it possibly can enhance API capabilities and increase the benefits?

Here’s what we’ll be exploring: Is there a place for data virtualization in an API strategy? Can data virtualization enhance the deployment and exposure of APIs? Can data virtualization work as a service container or as an API gateway? Data virtualization and GraphQL...are they really like oil and water?

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