The Power of a Complete 360° View of the Customer - Digital Transformation for Business Survival (US)

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Mike (Graz) Graziano
Mike (Graz) Graziano Senior Vice President – Global Alliances, Mastek Mastek
Mike Cristancho
Mike Cristancho Director, Solutions Consulting, Mastek Mastek
Paul Moxon
Paul Moxon SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist Denodo

Join the experts from Mastek and Denodo to hear how your company can place a single secure virtual layer between all disparate data sources, including both on-premise and in the cloud, to solve current organizational challenges. Such challenges include connecting, integrating, and governing data to prevent your enterprise architecture footprint from becoming untenable and laborious. It is not uncommon for an organization to have 50 to 100+ data sources, applications, and solutions, and the ability to tie them together for actionable insights, is undoubtedly a competitive advantage.

Learn how data virtualization can benefit organizations with the following:

  • Accelerated data projects - timelines of 6-12 months reduced to 3-6 months with data virtualization
  • Real-time integration and data access, with 80% reduction in development resources
  • Self-Service, security & governance in one single integrated platform - savings of 30% in IT operational costs
  • Faster business decisions - BI and reporting information delivered 10 times faster using data services

With data virtualization, businesses can create a complete view of the customer, product, or supplier in only a matter of weeks!

Join Mike (Graz) Graziano, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Mike Cristancho, Director, Solutions Consulting from Mastek along with Paul Moxon, SVP of Data Architectures and Chief Evangelist at Denodo. Contact Kathleen Krasniqi if you have any questions.

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