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Piet Loubser
Piet Loubser VP Product and Solutions Marketing, Hortonworks

The last 10 years we have focused on accumulating untold volumes of data-at-rest, predicted to grow to 40+Zetabytes by the end of the decade. The next frontier master is data-in-motion – the data that is flowing from billions of sensors that are instrumenting every machine, device and person. Unique actionable intelligence lives at the intersection of these two domains when IoT data meets machine learning and artificial intelligence. Hear how leading organizations harness next-gen connected data platforms to drive transformative data initiatives.

Listen to Piet Loubser, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing, Hortonworks present his session on the following:

  • How consumer trends are changing, from the "Amazon" experience, Uber "real-time" feedback and immersive experience with virtual reality.
  • Enriching current EDW architecture with new technologies, creating an environment that works effectively in tandem.
  • Data virtualization allows you to connect the dots across data sets and create a common point of view.

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