Business users feel that self-service today is more complicated than expected and spawns more requests to IT than ever before. Data is diverse, distributed in many locations and on many platforms and has quality issues. How can users unlock the full potential of the data with solid performance in a governed manner without softening security.

Denodo’s self-service information catalog and business glossary enable both business and IT to realize the full potential of any data in the enterprise.

Attend this session to learn how to:

    • Find the right data efficiently, even when we are not familiar with the data models.
    • Browse the catalog and discover both internal and external data.
    • Enrich the metadata with tags, annotations, and comments to foster collaboration.
    • Understand relationships and associations in the data, even across sources.
    • Build and share customized views of the data.
    • Share the data responsibly with multiple BI tools.


    • Challenges faced by business users in self-service initiatives.
    • Overview of Denodo’s Information Catalog and its benefits.
    • Product Demonstration.
    • Q&A

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