Self Service Analytics and a Modern Data Architecture with Data Virtualization

Denodo and g2o

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Paul Moxon
Paul Moxon SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist Denodo
Uttam Channegowda
Uttam Channegowda Practice Director, Data Engineering g2o

Data virtualization is not just for self-service, it’s also a first-class citizen when it comes to modern data platform architectures. Technology has forced many businesses to rethink their delivery models. Startups emerged, leveraging the internet and mobile technology to better meet customer needs (like Amazon and Lyft), disrupting entire categories of business, and grew to dominate their categories.

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Traditional companies are still struggling to meet rising customer expectations. During this webinar with the experts from g2o and Denodo we covered the following:

  • How modern data platforms enable businesses to address these new customer expectation
  • How you can drive value from your investment in a data platform now
  • How you can use data virtualization to enable multi-cloud strategies

Leveraging the strategy insights of g2o and the power of the Denodo platform, companies do not need to undergo the costly removal and replacement of legacy systems to modernize their systems. g2o and Denodo can provide a strategy to create a modern data architecture within a company’s existing infrastructure.

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