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Session 3: Build a Contextual Marketing Engine and Fuel It with Data

Speakers: Cory Munchbach, Analyst

Traditional sources of competitive advantage have eroded as digitally-empowered customers have taken ownership of the relationships they have with companies and brands. These customers are out-running marketing campaigns and they expect high levels of personalization and relevance in their interactions. To succeed in this environment, marketers and business leaders must build what Forrester calls a contextual marketing engine, a brand-specific platform that exploits customer context to deliver utility and guide the customer into the next best interaction. Fueling this engine is data—about customers, products, marketing, environmental factors, and more—from disparate sources internal and external to the organization. Harnessing that requires a modern data management approach.

In this webinar guest speaker and analyst at Forrester Research Inc. Cory Munchbach presents the contextual marketing engine, how to build one, and the role of big data and data virtualization in making it go.



Cory Munchbach, Analyst