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Session 4: Business Agility Must Be Based on a New Flexible and Agile Data Approach

Speakers: Holger Kisker, Ph.D.,Vice President, Research Director

Gaining a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs, contextual marketing, and overall business intelligence and agility depend on accurate, timely, and relevant data. This data needs to be collected from a growing number of internal and external sources and then combined, refined, and fueled into a diverse portfolio of business intelligence and process applications.

Join guest speaker Holger Kisker Ph.D. as he discusses what companies need today: a flexible data management architecture to cope with both traditional and emerging sources of data (in any structure), advanced data analytics to extract deeper business insights, and efficient ways to deliver these insights as information or data services for better business decisions. All embedded into an efficient data virtualization layer that makes all data available when, where, and in whatever format it is needed.


Holger Kisker, Ph.D.,Vice President, Research Director