Strengthening trust and secure transparency in the government’s use of data

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Ben Henshall
Ben Henshall Regional Vice President Sales, Australia & New Zealand Denodo

Presented at Aus Government Data Summit 2022

In the public sector, wider sets of disparate data holds the key to improving public digital services. Trusting dispersed data and how it is used is high on the list of public requirements, alongside transparency and protection of personal data.

For better access, trust and control, an innovative data management framework is required. Single data warehousing or data lakes are not practical. An architecture that integrates seamlessly both traditional and modern data systems, simplifies data complexity, provides unified data governance and enforces data security policies, irrespectives of where the data resides is what is being demanded. More government agencies are depending on data virtualization technology to not only accelerate data delivery but to improve overall data security management and promote trust in the information that is being shared or used.

Join this session to learn more about:

  • Modernising your data infrastructure to use a logical approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data.
  • Integrate data spread across on-prem legacy systems and cloud systems without data movement and for complete visibility.
  • Implement a centralised governance framework with security and access control measures to protect data.
  • How other Govt Departments are applying Data Virtualization to these challenges.

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