TDWI Webinar: Architecting a Hybrid Data Ecosystem

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Achieving Technical Cohesion and Business Value in a Multi-platform Environment

One of the strongest trends in data management today and into the future is the development of complex, multi-platform architectures that generate and integrate an eclectic mix of old and new data, in every structure imaginable, traveling in time frames from batch to real time. Successful organizations today apply data integration, application integration, and data virtualization – operating across multiple platforms, tools, and datasets – to design, unify, manage, govern, and optimize a hybrid data ecosystem. This presentation drills into the data and integration requirements of the modern hybrid data ecosystem, with a focus on the many useful roles of data virtualization.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • What a hybrid data ecosystem is, why it exists, what its barriers and benefits are
  • Common business use cases for hybrid data ecosystems
  • Approaches to architecting large architectures, such as the hybrid data ecosystem, including the roles of traditional and modern data management techniques
  • The special role data virtualization can play in providing a design toolset for logical data models and large-scale architectures; achieving agility and flexibility via logical and virtual techniques; establishing a central hub for data’s standards, movement, metadata, and governance; optimizing multi-platform data processes

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