Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. These challenges include:

  • Strategic decision making, which relies on multiple perspectives such as social and economic factors that require combining internal and external data.
  • Accounting for the increased volume and structural complexity of today’s data, and increased frequency required in delivering data assets.
  • Coping with data silos that house data that must be combined and provisioned to support decision making.
  • Exposing purpose-built analytics, such as supply chain, for consumption in order to expedite decision making.

Attend this session to learn how Data as a Service, fueled by data virtualization, overcomes these common challenges from the three dimensions of:

  • Provisioning information-rich external data assets,
  • Connecting data silos, and
  • Enabling pre-built and packaged analytics.


  • Data Virtualization for Data as a Service
  • Product Demonstration
  • Summary & Next Steps
  • Q&A

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