Three Ways to Grow Your Revenue with Denodo

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Suresh Chandrasekaran
Suresh Chandrasekaran Executive VP Denodo

As companies take on the challenge of becoming data-driven in their operations and analytics, factors such as agility, time to market, and real-time information have become more critical. This calls for a modern approach to data integration and management that is real-time and high performance. The solution that more companies now turn to is data virtualization. And the vendor with the highest peer reviews scores among all categories of data integration vendors is Denodo. The resulting surge in demand has created a need for us to partner with consultants, systems integrators, and value-added solution resellers and managed services providers. If you are one of these, then this webinar is for you. Both solution architects and sales/practice directors will benefit from attending this session.

You will learn:

  • Opportunities in the data virtualization market (what is DV and what DV solutions plays are resonating with customers?).
  • Why investing in building a data virtualization practice can be a unique differentiator.
  • 3 ways in which you can grow your revenue.
  • A brief overview of the Denodo Partner Program.

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