Transforming Business with Multi-Cloud and Hybrid

Analyst presentation by Claudia Imhoff, President of Intelligent Solutions.

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 Claudia Imhoff
Claudia Imhoff President, Intelligent Solutions


Businesses undergoing digital transformation aspire to become cloud-first, or to initiate a hybrid journey to the cloud to capitalize on agility, flexibility, cost, technology, and innovation benefits. Join us as we discuss cloud/hybrid best practices with industry experts, customers, and partners.

Hear from Claudia Imhoff, a leading industry analyst and founder of BBBT, on how data virtualization can help you succeed in your hybrid and multi-cloud journey.

Watch this Denodo DataFest 2018 session to learn about:

  • Key challenges faced in journey to cloud
  • Why hybrid and multi-cloud strategies are important
  • How data virtualization abstracts any complexity in moving to cloud

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