Webinar On-Demand: Six Strategies for Simplifying Hybrid, Multicloud Data Integration

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David Stodder
David Stodder Senior Director of Research for BI TDWI
Mitesh Shah
Mitesh Shah Director, Cloud Product Management, Cloud GTM, Cloud Alliances Denodo

Many organizations today want to integrate data in the cloud so they can realize its potential for dynamic scalability, flexibility, and speed to deployment. However, making the move is not as easy as it seems. First, most organizations need to keep some critical data on premises—meaning that they will need to integrate data views across a “hybrid” of cloud and on-premises data ecosystems. Second, TDWI research finds that most organizations will locate data in more than one cloud provider’s platform: that is, their data ecosystem will be not only hybrid, but multicloud.

Data integration in such environments can be painful, particularly due to the slow and heavy data movement, migration, and consolidation typical of traditional data warehousing and data lake environments. Data virtualization offers an alternative. Join this TDWI Webinar to learn how you can use data virtualization to cut down on data movement, provide comprehensive data views faster, and address governance challenges.

Watch on-demand to learn about:

  • How data virtualization can minimize slow data movement and migration
  • Using data virtualization to deliver single views of relevant data transparently, without requiring users to know where the data is and how to access it
  • How data virtualization can improve data governance and data privacy regulatory adherence in hybrid, multicloud environments

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