Claudia Imhoff
Claudia Imhoff President, Intelligent Solutions


The new release of Denodo Platform 7.0 redefines data management for next generation, and propels data-driven business to insights-driven business. Claudia Imhoff is a keynote speaker at the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2018. Her presentation will focus on data chaos and how companies are dealing with it today because their data is spread across multiple sources and locations.  Claudia will speak about solutions that can help organizations bring order to the data chaos and will present the concept of the extended data warehouse architecture and the "brain" needed to make it all work, the data catalog.

Attend this session to discover:

  • Perspectives from independent industry analyst Claudia Imhoff
  • Why data virtualization is gaining momentum
  • How Denodo 7.0 enables next generation data management