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Fearless Data

The Denodo Platform delivers data in the language of business, at the speed of business.

Spend 67% less time preparing data

Reduce 65% data delivery time over ETL

Payback in less than 6 months

The Denodo Platform Powers and Accelerates Your Critical Strategic Initiatives

Next-Generation Data Management

The next generation of data management embraces distributed data across on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments; it creates a single business access layer to integrate and manage data; and it leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify and automate manual tasks.

The next generation of data management:

The Denodo Platform is one logical platform for all enterprise data, enhancing decision-making, driving operational efficiency, and facilitating swift responses to evolving business and market trends.

How Logical Data Architectures Work

200 adapters


Disparate data in any location or format, and with any latency.

integration layer


Related data into views with a unified business access layer.

powered by DV
Data Catalog layer


Using BI & data science tools, a data catalog, and/or APIs.

Why the Denodo Platform

A single comprehensive platform that enables you to logically integrate, manage, and deliver your distributed data. With the Denodo Platform, you can:

Why Customers Choose Denodo

Indiana University

Indiana University

Significant Improvements to Information Agility Across The University.



The Denodo Platform enabled DNB's data science team to focus on the company’s core competence of creating models instead of data preparation.



Denodo Platform enables Prologis to be fast and nimble in our analytics.



The Denodo Platform acted as a unified data access layer, integrating data from SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Workday, Adobe, Canvas, Microsoft Office 365, and a variety of on-premises systems.

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Awards and Recognition

Denodo has been acknowledged as a Leader in data integration by both Gartner and Forrester. Denodo is positioned as a Leader for the past three years in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools and has also been recognized as a Leader by Forrester in both the 2020 and 2022 Forrester Wave: Enterprise Data Fabric.

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Denodo Platform

Denodo Partners

Denodo is proud to count more than 300 active partnerships. These partnerships vary from technology alliance partners, solution consultancy and regional sales to marketing and delivery partners.

Technology Partners

System Integrators & Resellers

Denodo Platform

A Successful Journey to the Cloud

Companies are rapidly adopting cloud technologies to gain greater agility, flexibility and scalability. However, migrating apps and data from a data center to the cloud are fraught with challenges related to downtime, security, compliance, and latency problems, especially in hybrid or multi- cloud scenarios. Denodo Cloud, whether deployed purely in public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud mode, removes these challenges by creating an abstraction layer providing location transparency for myriad data sources.

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