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Vaishali Ghiya

Head of Marketplace, Networking, Security, Data & Analytics, AI & ML, Storage

Moving enterprise data to the Cloud, whether entirely or partially, is a priority for almost all organizations. The journey to the Cloud can be smooth and indeed will be accelerated when conforming to a clear and well-considered set of best practices that we have laid out. The advantage of following migration best practices are that downtimes and disruptions are virtually eliminated or, in the worst case, significantly minimized. Downtimes and disruptions cause significant damage in the form of lower customer responsiveness as well as expensive resource outlays.

In this session by Vaishali Ghiya, Head of Marketplace, Networking, Security, Data & Analytics, AI & ML, Storage at AWS, we will discuss what these best practices exactly are. We will also focus on how cloud migrations can be made seamless by the presence of a logical data fabric to securely connect all systems across on-premises and the cloud while giving business users easy access to all underlying data. You will learn how AWS and Denodo come together to help enterprises migrate their diverse workloads to the cloud without disruption or downtime.

Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2022 page for details on all the sessions.

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