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Denver, CO — 8/16/2022 — W5 Consulting, a Denodo Silver Partner, today announced a strategic data solution for Denodo’s SAP customers — Gateway Architects’ Meister Core™ software. The strategic partnership will provide Denodo customers with the proprietary Meister Core™ technology that gives users real-time access to accurate data from SAP.

Meister Core™ is an SAP certified ABAP extension containing an in-memory cross-compiler, transactional caching engine and API manager. Meister was developed to address performance issues associated with the traditional way that many transactional and data-mining processes at SAP are executed to date.

“We are very excited to be partnering with W5 and Gateway Architects, on utilizing our joint engagement with their Meister offering, which will enable our SAP customers to integrate their data much more quickly and efficiently than ever before,” said Suresh Chandrasekaran, EVP at Denodo.

Denodo users will now experience automatic, real-time caching refresh of complex SAP data at a transaction level – no batch cache refreshes are needed. Built-in data compression reduces cloud data transmission loads by 85% to 90%, and there are no limits on data structure widths/volumes.

“It is a pleasure to collaborate with Denodo, an international leader in data management solutions, who delivers a measurable ROI to their customers through quicker time-to-market, lower TCO and governed access to trusted data. Adding our Meister Core™ technology will turbocharge ROI on all levels,” said William Mays, Chairman of Gateway Architects. “We look forward to showcasing the added benefits of our combined technologies in an upcoming webinar and live demo.”

The Denodo Platform is powered by data virtualization technology, which marks a paradigm shift in the approach that organizations take towards accessing, integrating, and provisioning the data required to meet business goals. The Denodo Platform simplifies data access from a myriad of legacy and modern data sources making critical business information immediately available to end users through consuming applications. Denodo’s platform innovations, including dynamic data cataloging, dynamic query optimization and in-memory massive parallel processing, make the analytics journey compelling.

“The Meister SAP accelerator solution will bring tremendous performance, cost benefits and a new level of caching capabilities to SAP customers using Denodo to reduce data warehouse latencies and growth constraints,” said Scott Cunningham, Managing Partner of W5 Consulting.

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About W5 Consulting

For over 25 years, W5 Consulting has built, advised, designed, implemented, supported, and trained more than 800 clients in reporting, ERP, governance, data, solutions, and web applications. For W5, client projects are focused not on the technology but on the business solution. As a first step in each client engagement, W5 evaluates processes and seeks to understand the culture. Only then does W5 provide advice on how SAP, Denodo, Oracle, or any other technology (such as Meister) fits into each client’s individual business needs.

For more information visit www.w5consulting.com or call +1 303-390-1018

About Gateway Architects

Headquartered in Frisco, Texas, Gateway Architects develops, deploys, and supports a performance software solution for dramatically accelerating SAP implementations. Gateway Architects’ flagship offering, Meister Core™ technology, is a transactional cache and trans-compiler platform that provides real-time data access (in volume) thus dramatically increasing performance, accuracy, analytics capability, and timeliness of results. It offers a series of integration engines and applications that dramatically improve accuracy, visibility, and data accessibility — all in true real-time.

Learn more at www.gatewayarchitects.co or call +1 214-974-8383.

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