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UW E-Business Consortium

CDW and Denodo are proud to be a Gold Sponsor at UW E-Business Consortiun–Wisconsin's premier learning event for business leaders and technology professionals!

Speaking Session Time: Time: 1:45-2:10pm

Title: Get from Data to Value in Under 6 Months

Today, if you’re slow in getting value from your Data…you're losing.

Learn how using a Data Fabric for managing ALL of your Data, regardless of where it sits, what form it is in and doing so without moving it to use it will get you from useless to valuable in no time.

A Data Fabric is a proven, faster, cheaper, and real-time approach that enables ALL users to get the most out of your dysfunctional Data, even leveraging your current technology investments.

Join this session with industry leaders Rex Washburn, CDW and Mike Woods, Denodo to learn more about how customers are disproving the myth that “moving everything into another new database will solve your Data problems.”

Tomorrow, start winning by adopting a Data Fabric approach that is proven to help you achieve business value and ROI - 83% Faster Time-to-Revenue, $6.8 Million in Benefits and ROI within 6 months.

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