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Marc Hobler

Solutions Executive

Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski

Senior Data Processing Coordinator

Discover how the Mohawk Regional Information Center (MORIC) revolutionized its data management using Denodo, achieving unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Through diverse projects, from instructional report bursting to data warehouse validation, Denodo proved its versatility and effectiveness in addressing various challenges faced by MORIC. In this webinar, MORIC will highlight key benefits and actionable insights for other RICs. Key takeaways include: 

  • Enhanced Data Integration: Transition from the limitations of traditional Level 1 data warehouses to an agile environment, enabling data to be delivered in an actionable format for the recipients when needed. 
  • Improved Performance: Learn how query optimization can minimize data movement and enhance processing efficiency. 
  • Adapting to Educational Demands: Prepare for future requirements with capabilities such as data catalogs and API-centric data sets. 

Join MORIC, Mainline, and Denodo on June 11th at 11am EST as we discuss how MORIC redefined their data integration, embracing agility and flexibility to navigate the dynamic challenges of the educational sector. With Denodo as their foundational technology, MORIC is well-equipped to lead the way in leveraging data for insightful decision-making and continuous improvement.

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