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Denodo, the leader in Data Virtualization, announced the immediate availability of Denodo Platform 5.5. The latest version of Denodo´s award winning Data Virtualization solution is an integrated platform that creates, manages and delivers virtualized data services at both project and enterprise levels with speed, agility and high performance. Denodo Platform 5.5 is in direct response to the industry’s need to deal with a number of challenges including more data types, ubiquitous data, bigger data volumes, data and metadata discovery, and delivering more agility and value than traditional technologies.

Denodo Platform 5.5 includes key capabilities for real-time query optimization supported by intelligent caching and scheduled data orchestration, unified data governance and quality, and the ability to deliver data services in multiple formats with managed security and service-levels.

Additional features of 5.5 include:

  • Improved Connectivity: With better performance and additional adapters for data sources such as Netezza, SAP BW, Excel and SaaS applications. The solution includes enhanced support for advanced features such as geospatial data types and introspection of stored procedures, and supports a wider range of connectivity options to NoSQL data repositories.
  • Enriched Execution Engine: Includes new automatic query rewriting and data movement capabilities, enhanced cost-based optimization and greater algorithms for some types of “join and group by” operations. Denodo 5.5 also includes more workload management options such as the ability to establish memory limits for the execution of any query.
  • Information Self-Service: Enhancements to Denodo RESTful Web Services and Denodo Global Search support provides the ability to perform complex data and metadata searches on the content of all or a subset of the views in the Denodo solution. This allows data discovery through data and metadata searches across all enterprise sources, enabling cross-silo search. Supports tighter integration with self-service BI tools such as Microstrategy and Tableau.

"Most organizations have siloed data sources that multiple users and applications are trying to access, which indicates that they don’t currently have access to the information or that they have multiple point-to-point integrations with multiple products supporting those integrations," said Philip Howard of Bloor Research Group. "Denodo Platform 5.5 provides a unified data layer that abstracts and virtualizes all enterprise data assets into canonical business views that can be exposed as linked data services or bespoke SQL. In this way you get integration across all silos from a single platform to create a high performance and agile information architecture to serve all enterprise applications."

Denodo’s latest release connects to all internal and external data sources such as structured, semi-structured or unstructured, and combines them into logical, virtual data services to provide unified access and integrated delivery through a single “virtual” data layer and publishes these to consuming applications in real-time.

“In today’s information economy, organizations rely heavily on the availability and quality of data at all levels in order to support investments in new business capabilities, business intelligence, compliance, and for creating an information-driven, strategic advantage,” said Suresh Chandrasekaran, Senior VP, Denodo Technologies. “Denodo Platform 5.5 helps organizations shift from largely siloed and vertical-focused data management solutions to architectures that offer a unified data layer through virtualization for the agile delivery of data services across an increasing number of physical data sources and to multiple applications and users.”

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