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Centralize Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Regulations and internal risk management practices not only require organizations to establish effective data controls, but also to report on the effectiveness of these controls across an ever-more- distributed data landscape. Without a centralized approach to managing governance, risk, and compliance activities, organizations need to manage policies across many different data sources and applications, each with their own native functionality for managing data governance and security. The Denodo Platform saves organizations this time-consuming and error-prone overhead by enabling policy management from one single point of data access and automatically applying policies across all data, regardless of where it originated.

The Denodo Platform enabled us to operate with protected data in the public cloud, which was the core goal. We also saw improved time-to-market as we had greater confidence with a layered defense.”

Steve Etchelecu, Solution architect at Albertsons.

Centralize Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform, the leading logical data management platform, unifies disparate data into a single access layer, serving as the single place where all data consumers in the business can discover and consume the data they need. The Denodo Platform enables organizations to define and enforce comprehensive access controls, reporting, auditing, and other actionable risk and compliance management activities directly from this same layer, leveraging data in the same structure and format that the business has defined.

By embedding data governance and compliance in the same layer that delivers data to the business, companies can achieve compliance and manage risks across all data sources and silos, without sacrificing agility and competitiveness.

Centralize Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Solution Benefits

Facilitate data governance, risk, and compliance through multiple features, including:

A Unified Semantic Layer

The Denodo Platform connects to disparate data sources in real time to seamlessly establish a unified semantic layer that provides business users with data in the language of the business, at the speed that the business requires. In the view enabled by this unified semantic layer, all data governance and compliance policies are automatically enforced, regardless of which sources the data originated from.

Centralized Control

With the ability to access and manage all data sources from a single point of control, stakeholders can enforce data privacy, data governance, and security policies across all data sources without the time-consuming, error-prone work of implementing policies in each individual data source.

Real-Time Tracking

With real-time access to data, the Denodo Platform supports real-time alerting and continuously updated usage reports. Set thresholds to trigger automatic actions, or immediately respond to potential fraud or attempted breaches. The Denodo Platform gives organizations the upper hand in all governance, risk, and compliance activities.

Consolidated Regulatory Reporting

By unifying access to disparate data sources, the Denodo Platform enables consolidated reporting for all stakeholders and external regulatory bodies, including financial reporting; environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting; sustainability reporting; and data privacy compliance reporting. Such reports can include data lineage and usage tracking, all the way back to the original source systems, for additional compliance support.

Role- and Attribute-Based Access Controls

Access policies can be defined based on user roles as well as user attributes, such as organization, physical location, project codes, and other parameters. For example, employees working from home or on business travel may not have the same level of access as they do when they are in the office or on a secure network.

Centralize Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Success Stories

Centralize Data Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Leverage Our Vast Experience

If you are looking to streamline your data governance, risk, and compliance initiatives, look no further. Leverage Denodo’s extensive experience to simplify your data landscape's growing complexity, accelerate regulatory reporting, and implement real-time fraud detection and other advanced capabilities, all while ensuring company-wide compliance with the latest regulations.